Shaker repair

Worn out belt replacement

Electric lens driver

A current source to drive an Electrically tunable lens

Electronics to couple NI cards and Med-associates system

System to synchronise behavioural systems from Med-associates with ephys/2-photon systems that use National instruments DAQ

Eventer model repository

an online repository for trained models using Eventer

Fish tracking system

A system to track zebrafish behaviour with multiple cameras

Lux, humidity and temperatur IOT monitor

System to log lux, temperature, and humidity while being able to send emails and trigger warnings when any of the three variables goes out of range

Odour stimulator

A fast, time precise, open source system to deliver odours

Open Hardware Makers

An online training series teaching best practices for open source hardware development

Pockel cell controller

An open source circuit to modulate laser intensity in a 2 Photon microscope.

VR/AR goggles

A 3D printed goggle to be used with google cardboard framework