Hi! Welcome to my personal website.

I’m passionate about open science and open source hardware, and how those two can be used to increase research and education reach around the world. I have a background in Neurosciences and have been developing affordable open science hardware and teaching others to do so via workshops, talks and outreach events.

I started Open Neuroscience, and volunteer at Trend in Africa as an open source adviser and by organizing and running Open Labware workshops.

Currently I work at the Department of Neurosciences in the University of Sussex, where I develop equipment to support research labs. For more details on those projects check the Open Sussex Neuroscience page

On my spare time I offer consultancy services around open science hardware through Prometheus Science. If you need to replicate a methods paper, or if you’d like something custom built for your lab, get in touch!

If you would like to get in touch, drop me a line using the contact form at the end of this page!


  • Open Science
  • Open Source Hardware
  • Open Source


  • PhD in Neural and Behavioural Neurosciences, 2020 (expected)

    University of Tuebingen

  • Master of Science in Cellular and Molecular Neurosciences, 2010

    University of Tuebingen

  • BSc in Biology, 2007

    University of São Paulo


Open science tools, community projects and voluntary work

Fast Diode

A system to measure fast light transients

LED Zappelin

An OpenSource LED stimulator for visual and optogenetics stimulation in combination with 2-photon recording

Open Visual Stimulator

An arbitrary-spectrum spatial visual stimulator for vision research

Pipette Puller Adapter

Developed for Dr. Eravci at the Mass Spectrometry unit, this 3D printed adapter is used to hold polyamide tubes in a pipette puller.

Med Associates Add-On

An add on to extend functionality of Med Associates behavioural system

Voltage amplifier

A voltage amplifier compatible with Arduino Due

Electrode calibration

A system to calibrate electrodes used in Voltammetry experiments

Open Hardware Leaders

A mentoring program to share best developing and community building practices for Open Hardware projects


Build free and open science hardware following user demand

Recent Publications

Pre prints and peer reviewed publications

Quickly discover relevant content by filtering publications.
(2020). The temporal structure of the inner retina at a single glance. Scientific Reports.


(2019). The temporal structure of the inner retina at a single glance. bioRxiv.


Invited Talks

Bringing Science to the 21 st century: Open Source tools for better research

Webinar for the Open Science MOOC group. Starting theirs webinar series on open science and research improvement.

Setting up a science lab with Open Source Hardware

After work session with high school and college teachers. The main goals of the session were to start a dialogue and find collaborating opportunities. Could teachers use open source hardware to introduce more practical activities in STEM related curriculum?

Building Open Source Scientific Equipment: How researchers are owning their instruments

I presented Flypi as an example on how researchers can leverage the open source movement, to build their own tools, update the design of existing ones, and how this can be used to help development.

Bringing Science to the 21 st century: Open Source tools for better research

Talk at the Rockefeller University in New York City, discussing issues with scientific hardware and how to update/upgrade them using open source technologies.

Grants and awards

Mozilla Science Fellowship

Mozilla fellowship grant to run the BFOSH project
Award: US$60000

FreiesWissen Fellowship

2018/19 cohort
Award: 5000€

Designing and Building your own laboratory equipment

Grant to run two workshops on Open Labware with TReND in Africa.
One in Nigeria and one in South Africa
Award: 116900€

Citizen Science Hackaday Prize

Competition for open hardware designs used for citizen science.
Semi finalist
Award: US$1000

Innovation in 3D printing

Award: Ultimaker 2 - 3D printer

Designing and Building your own laboratory equipment

Grant to run one Open Labware workshop with TReND in Africa.
Held in Ethiopia
Award: 52900€


  • School of Life Sciences, Brighton, BN1 9QG
  • DM Me